October 2006

Noah Kagan has a list of what to look for when you get the cravings for Mexican food. Here’s how to identify authentic Mexican restaurants:
1. They serve horchata. Mexican sweet cinammon drink.
2. They don’t have any advertisements outside the door.
3. They don’t have white people working there.
4. They charge extra for chips.
5. The place is not the cleanest out there.
6. It has the word “la” or “el” in its name.
7. The burrito must cost less than $5.

After all my experiments in the Bay Area, I completey agree with this list. My favorite is Taqueria El Grullense in Palo Alto, CA.


This kid is just amazing; the tabla is one of the tougher Indian instruments to learn, let alone master, and this kid is well on his way there! The amazing thing is that he has received no formal training. His parents are looking for an appropriate teacher to further develop his unusual skills. The family is based in New Jersey. Please let me know if you have any recommendations/guidance.

$1.65 B at work

Managed to get in my now regular once-in-3-weeks round of 9-hole golf recently. The misery of the entire round (I scored +17 over the par 31 course) was made up by a single shot on the 3rd hole, a par 4. After two badly flubbed shots of the tee I found myself 90 yards away from the green on the right side first cut of rough. The green on this particular hole has an extremely narrow front that slopes towards the fairway away from the pin and it also faces the left side of the fairway which is the correct way to approach it. To add to the degree of difficulty, its also surrounded liberally with bunkers. One of these lay directly between me and the pin.

Anyways, I took out my trusted 9 iron (these days the only club I can hit consistently) and swung at the ball, not really hoping for much. The resulting shot was one golf players dream about – clean contact with the ball, a nice high arc, a soft landing on the green close to the pin and a very satisfying roll into the cup. Yes, I holed out from the fairway rough to make a birdie!

That single shot made my day. Now I can die in peace. And yes, I’m a geek for comparing golf to a tease.