December 2006

After a lot of deliberation and introspection, I’ve decided to transition to a product manager position at my current company. I’ll be working on Trust & Safety related products and services – fraud detection and prevention, user verification, creating safe buying experiences, case disposition, automated classification, learning and prediction of content and user behavior. This is a really important strategic focus right now not just for my company but also for Web 2.0.

Goody, can’t wait to start. In the same sprit, I’m starting another blog to focus more on the professional aspects. This blog will continue to be my personal-ish blog.


Its been really busy lately and I haven’t found time to blog that much. This post however is so hilarious, sad and amazing all at the same time that I just had to note it. Its a recording of a customer’s call to Verizon and the Verizon CSRs can’t distinguish dollars from cents. Just listen to it…

For everyone who complains of math and why you need to go through all those basic arithmetic exercises in school, here’s a perfect example of why math is needed in real life.