After a lot of deliberation and introspection, I’ve decided to transition to a product manager position at my current company. I’ll be working on Trust & Safety related products and services – fraud detection and prevention, user verification, creating safe buying experiences, case disposition, automated classification, learning and prediction of content and user behavior. This is a really important strategic focus right now not just for my company but also for Web 2.0.

Goody, can’t wait to start. In the same sprit, I’m starting another blog to focus more on the professional aspects. This blog will continue to be my personal-ish blog.


Yesterday (Halloween evening), there was an explosion in one of the buildings in my office campus.

I don’t work in that building and thankfully there were only about 3 dozen colleagues there given the late hour and Halloween. No one was injured. Property damage was limited, with a few broken windows and other localized damage. Supposedly the explosive device was left outside a door that employees working in that building use during their breaks. The campus was closed today for investigations but life will go on tomorrow according to the regular schedule. eBay/PayPal business was not disrupted.

Police are saying its not an accident. Who would want to bomb eBay and PayPal (which is co-located there)? A lot of people have had bad experiences and complain bitterly, but I can’t believe that anyone would be crazy enough to bomb a place for that. Employees are humans too.

Links and video.

P.S. This is nothing new but Slashdotters are jerks. Most normal people can distinguish between a company and its employees but not these fine internet citizens.