With the success of Wikipedia, everyone knows what a Wiki is these days. They are perfect for creating web content quickly and easily, as well as linking to other content. For a long time, I’ve been looking for a wiki as a personal
structured notebook that is

  • Simple
  • Text/file based; no database
  • Accessible from multiple computers, either over the web with access control or data synchronization features
  • Private

There are tons of ToDoLists, web notepads etc. out there, but they control your data, and who knows how long they’ll stay in business? So, I was delighted to find a lightweight standalone tool like WikidPad. Based on my experience so far, it looks to be both robust and useful. Its a desktop system that uses text as data with Python under the hood. No databases! Use NetDrive to map an FTP server to a windows drive, save your wiki file to this drive location, and voila, you have data synchronization! Another option for sharing is FTP autosync.

Other options for personal wikis include TiddlyWiki and Wiki On A Stick. These are single HTML/DHTML pages, where all of your entries are saved and displayed on the same HTML file. This simplicity makes it ideal for storing on a USB drive, so you can access it wherever you go, even without internet access.